⚜The EQUINOX🌓VOODOO QUEEN👑Spirited Lives Of Marie Laveau💃Ch.11📖Tale of 2 Sisters- Martha Ward✒📚


⚜VOODOO QUEEN👑 The Spirited Lives Of Marie Laveau💃🏽 – Martha Ward ✒📚 The EQUINOX EDITION🌓 Chapter 11: 🔎📖The Tale Of Two Sisters💃🏽💃🏽 – Martha Ward ✒📚 The Story Of My Ancestor💀 Marie Laveau, and Her Descendants ⚜ An AMAZING READ, And The CORNERSTONE BOOK, That Started My Journey and The Conversation… With My Ancestors💀. FROM THE BACK COVER:📒 ” Each Year, thousands of Pilgrims Visit The Tomb Of Marie Laveau in New Orleans. In This Old City, She and Her Curse Long have Ruled The imagination. She has been Conjured in Dance, Drumming, Song and Necromancy. With Dread And Fierce AFFECTION, Her Celebrants ask for Her Favors And Fearfully REVERE Her Enduring Authority As… “THE VOODOO QUEEN”.👑 WHO WAS MARIE LAVEAU? This Book about Her Mysterious Life, Magical Deeds and Pervasive Power Recounts that There Were TWO HISTORICAL FIGURES By This Name, A MOTHER AND A DAUGHTER,💃🏽💃🏽 They Were Free Women Of Color, Prominent French-Speaking Catholic Creoles, And Legendary Leaders Of A Religious and Spiritual Tradition🙏🏼 that orthodox faiths label as evil.👹 From The 1820’s until the 1880’s,🗓 when one Marie Died, and The Other Disappeared, A Mixture of Gossip and Devotion Swirled About Them….” “….In Telling the Story of Marie Laveau, This Book is a Masterstroke of Detective work.🧐 🔎WHO REALLY IS BURIED IN THE FAMOUS TOMB?⚰ WHAT SCANDALS DID THE LAVEAU FAMILY INTEND TO KEEP THERE FOREVER?🤫 HOW DID FREE PEOPLE LOSE THEIR CULTURAL IDENTITY WHEN THE UNITED STATES PURCHASED LOUISIANA?🤔 IN PORTRAYING THE TWO MARIE LAVEAUS,💃🏽💃🏽 VOODOO QUEEN👑 BRINGS TOGETHER THE IMPROBABLE TESTIMONIES OF SAINTS, SPIRITS AND NEVER BEFORE PRINTED EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF MAGICAL RIGHTS….”📒 Martha Ward is the Author of Several Books,✒📚 and is A “White” University Professor👩‍🎓 Emerita of Anthropology, Urban Studies and Women’s Studies At The University Of New Orleans.⚜🎓 http://www.facebook.cim/TheCreoleDiarieshttp://www.twitter.com/TheCreoleDiary 📖 http://www.instagram.com/thecreole.diaries

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