DEDICATED TO MY DADDY⚘, WHOSE DEATH ANNIVERSARY IS 9/25/1998⚘ In The Month Dedicated to The “WRATH OF THE GODDESS”🔥💃🏽😉 And in Honor of JULIA BROWN,⚘ Or… AKA “Aunt Julia”, 👩🏾‍🦱 “The Death PREDICTING Voodoo QUEEN”👑💀🗓 From La Freniere Louisiana.📰 Who Shares the Death Anniversary Date Of My Father, (9/25)… Circa. 1915🗓….When Her Last Prediction Came True,👩🏾‍🦱🌊🗓 “When I Die⚰ Im Gonna take The Whole Town with Me🌊…. 🎶”WHEN I DIE⚰ IM TAKING ALL OF YOU WITH ME🌊…”🎶 A Song She Chanted Over And Over While sitting on Her Porch, A Porch That is No Longer There🎶🌊…. Because of A HUGE HURRICANE that Came. On. The Day She Was Buried,📰 Basically Wiping Out🌊…… THE ENTIRE TOWN…. JUST AS SHE PREDICATED📰🌊🏫🌊🏪🌊🏩🌊💒🌊🏰🌊🏡🌊🌎🤪📰😏 CRAZY STORY!” , And MOST INTRIGUING To Me🤔….. “Is This An Example A TRUE CASE Of, ‘The Cassandra Complex” In Our RECENT HISTORY, JUST LIKE THE CHILDREN OF FATIMA SPAIN???/ 🔎📜POMPEI 🌋And The Devastation From MOUNT VESUVIUS🌋 Circa. 79 AD🗓Through The Eyes Of, Pliny The Younger✒📜/ 🔎📖AYESHA💃🏽 – The Return Of, “SHE-WHO–MUST-BE-OBEYED” – H. Rider Haggard✒📚 ⚜

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☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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