⚜VOODOO QUEEN👑Conclusion🥂Ch.12📘The Last QUEEN Of The VOODOOS💃Returns From the Dead- Martha Ward✒


⚜VOODOO QUEEN:👑The Spirited Lives Of Marie Laveau💃🏽-Martha Ward📚The CONCLUSION📘& Last Chapter📖(Ch.12)”The Last QUEEN Of The VOODOOS💃🏽RETURNS💀… FROM THE DEAD”⚘(Contains📖The INFAMOUS, & EERY PROPHECY📜From My Ancestor😳😮😱”THE 11TH PSALM OF VOODOO”📜💀⚜ BACK COVER:📘”Each Year, Thousands Of Pilgrims Visit The Tomb Of Marie Laveau In New Orleans.⚜In This Old City, SHE & Her Curse Long Have Ruled The Imagination. She Has Been Conjured in Dance, Drumming, Song, & Necromancy. Her Celebrants, Ask Her For Favors & Fearfully REVERE Her Enduring Authority As “The VOODOO QUEEN”.👑Who Was Marie Laveau?💃🏽This Book About Her Mysterious Life, Magical Deeds,& Pervasive Power Recounts That THERE WERE 2 Historical Figures By This Name; A MOTHER💃🏽& A DAUGHTER💃🏽. They Were Free Women Of Color(FWC), Prominent French Speaking Catholic CREOLES, & LEGENDARY LEADERS, Of A Religious & Spiritual Tradition, that orthodox faiths label as evil. From The 1820’s Until The 1880’s, when 1 Marie died & The Other Disappeared🌪A Mixture Of Gossip & Devotion Swirled About Them.💃🏽🌪💃🏽W/Uncommon Business Sense🧠The 2 Maries Applied Their MAGIC, In Shifting The Course Of LOVE, LUCK & LAW. Both Pitted Their VOODOO MIGHT AGAINST SLAVERY & ITS forces. MOSES-LIKE, They Led Their People Out Of Bondage(Creating The ORIGINAL “FREEDOM TRAIN”🚂Ch.6📖Freedom Ala Mode, Ala Marie”🚂) “…Offering Protection & Freedom to A Strange & Assorted Community, Composed of blacks, rich white Women. Enslaved Families & men Condemned to Hanging….””….In Telling The Story Of Marie Laveau, This Book is A Masterstroke Of Detective Work.🧐WHO IS REALLY BURIED IN THE FAMOUS TOMB?⚰WHAT SCANDALS DID THE LAVEAU FAMILY INTEND TO KEEP THERE FOREVER?🤫HOW DID FREE PEOPLE OF COLOR LOSE THEIR CULTURAL IDENTITY WHEN THE UNITED STATES PURCHASED LOUISIANA?💰In Portraying The 2 MARIE LAVEAUS,💃🏽💃🏽 VOODOO QUEEN👑BRINGS TOGETHER THE IMPROBABLE TESTIMONIES OF SAINTS⚜SPIRITS & NEVER BEFORE PRINTED EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF MAGICAL RITES. Martha Ward📚The Author Of Nest In The Wind, A World Full Of Women & A Sounding Of Women, Autobiographies From Unexpected Places, Among Other Books, Is University Professor Emerita Of Anthropology, Urban Studies & Women’s Studies At The University Of New Orleans.”🎓📘 Evidence Of The Potency Of The VOODOO💀, The Laveaus & Others In Her Circle Practiced, Can Be Found in The Reading of This Last Chapter📖Page 175🔎(Law Passed on: 2/2/1916, AT LEAST 30 YEARS🗓🤣😂 AFTER THEY WERE BOTH PASSED AWAY💃🏽🌪💃🏽😂”The City Councils Fear😱of THE VOODOO QUEENS💃🏽👑💃🏽& Similar Practitioners Are LEFT-HANDED COMPLIMENTS To Marie The 2nd.💃🏽🌪😁(Thanks Boys😘😉)The City Council Could NOT Outlaw The Spirits,💀Even The Alcoholic Kind.🍻😂;They COULD NOT Ban A Religion🙏🏼OR Stop The Sales Of Sex.💵BUT IN Their FRUSTRATED Efforts😖to Stamp Out “VOODOO” ‘They SUCCEEDED IN DEFINING IT💀”FOREVER”😁😉City Ordinance:No. 3164📜–Passed On 2/2, 1916, Marie The 2nd’s🗓89th Birthday🎂💃🏽😉–Is An Epitaph For The TOMB⚰SHE DOES NOT HAVE.💃A TRIBUTE TO HER SPIRITUAL💀POWERS,🌪as white men🧔CONTINUED TO DEFINE THEM.📜✍”ALL PERSONS KNOWN AS MEDIUMS, CLAIRVOYANTS, FORTUNE TELLERS, & OTHERS “WHO ACCEPT PAYMENT FOR READING PALMS, STAR🌟CHARTS & ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS, TELLING OR PRETENDING TO TELL FORTUNES EITHER W/CARDS, HANDS, WATER,LETTERS, OR OTHER DEVICES OR METHODS; ALL PERSONS WHO PROMISE TO “SETTLE LOVERS QUARRELS”, BRING THE SEPARATED TOGETHER, CAUSE SPEEDY MARRIAGES, LOCATE BURIED HIDDEN TREASURES, JEWELS, WILLS, BONDS, ETC., REMOVE EVIL INFLUENCE & GIVE LUCK, TO EFFECT MARRIAGES, HEAL SICKNESSES, REVEAL SECRETS, FORETELL THE RESULTS OF LAWSUITS, BUSINESS TRANSACTIONS, INVESTMENTS OF WHATEVER NATURE, WILLS, DEEDS, MORTGAGES, LOST OR ABSENT FRIENDS OR RELATIVES TO MOVE & AVOID DOMESTIC TROUBLES; BRING TOGETHER THE BITTEREST ENEMIES & CONVERT THEM INTO FRIENDS SHALL BE ARRESTED, TRIED, FINED, &…IF GUILTY, SENTENCED TO IMPRISONMENT.” NO…They Aren’t AFRAID😱..Of VOODOO.💀😂💃

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