⚜MIRACLE@FATIMA☄Pt.2:REMEMBERING 10/13/1917 #childrenoffatima⚘/Andy Whitfield (Gabriel)A Dedication⚘


⚜The Miracle HEALING TREE🌳💆‍♀️ OF FATIMA📄🔍(Stories of Healing From The Oak Tree🌳 Under Which, The Children Received The PROPHECIES,📜… IncludingThe Infamous 3 SECRETS OF FATIMA🤫/INVOKING YOUR CELESTIAL GUARDIANS🌟”Earning Our Wings”🕊 A Special Read For The Lightworker🕯Remembering Andy Whitfield😥 Born 10/17🌟 Died 9/11/2011⚘ #thosegonetoosoon ⚰ Music From:🎶🎤 Tool 🔧Featuring James Maynard Keenan 📀 🎶The Backstreet Boys📀 New Orleans Original 🎶🎤Kim Prevost📀💃🏽 And…… 🎶🎤PRINCE📀💃🏽 http://www.illuminati.mp/profile/TheJewell 💎 http://www.illuminati.am 🔺️ http://www.facebook.com/TheCreoleDiarieshttp://www.instagram.com/thecreole.diaries 🎙 http://www.instagram.com/frenchcreole.femmefatale 💄 http://www.twitter.com/Thecreolediaryhttp://www.patreon.com/Elektra124 ⚔💃🏽

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☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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