⚜TANTRA🧘‍♀️-OSHO🎙👳‍♂️/📘”GOD IS A WOMAN👑&SHE IS BLACK.”💃🏽😱Healing Journeys-Alessandra Belloni


🧘‍♀️”TANTRA”🧘‍♀️ The SUPREME Understanding📕Ch.2📖 “The Root Problem🧠 of All Problems”🧘‍♀️ – OSHO 👳‍♂️🎙 From The Back Cover :📕 “This Is A Map To Turn You On, Turn You In, And Turn You Beyond” – OSHO👳‍♂️ “The Tradition Of TANTRA, or Tantric Buddhism, Is Known To Have Existed In India As Early As The Fifth Century C.E. In This All-Time Bestseller Using The Contemporary Idiom And His Own Unique Blend Of Wisdom And Humor, OSHO Talks About The Mystical Insight Of TANTRA That Is To Be Found In These Ancient Writings and Brings To Light Teachings That Are As Relevant To The Modern-Day Seeker As They Were A Thousand Years Ago… OSHO is One Of The Best-known And Most Provocative Mystics Of Our Time. The Sunday Times of London Has Named Him One Of The “1,000 Makers Of The Twentieth Century”; The Novelist Tom Robbins Has Called Him, “THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN SINCE JESUS CHRIST”. The Influence Of His Teachings Continues To Grow, Reaching Seekers Around The World.”.🌏📕 /👑GOD IS A WOMAN💃🏾 AND SHE IS BLACK.”😮😱 – Alessandra Belloni📘 HEALING JOURNEYS WITH THE BLACK MADONNA.💃🏽” Chants, Music and Practices Of The GREAT GODDESS👑Ch.1📖 “WHO IS THE BLACK MADONNA?:🤔😉 From The Back Cover:📘”Belloni Has Done Her Homework, Her Heart work, Danced The Dance,💃🏽 Drummed The Drums🥁and Tambourines, Bled While Doing So, In This Shamanic Gift Of Our Times.” – Matthew Fox, Spiritual Theologian, Activist, and Author Of Original Blessing. 🙏🏼 📚 “The Mysteries Of The Black Madonna Can Be Traced To Pre-Christian Times To The Ancient Devotion Of ISIS 👑🙏🏼, The EARTH Goddess and The African Mother, To An Era…. When GOD WAS NOT ONLY FEMALE,👑 BUT… SHE WAS BLACK.💃🏽😮😱😞😉. Sacred Sites💒 Of The BLACK MADONNA👑 Are STILL REVERED In Italy🌏🙏🏼💃🏾 And As Alessandra Belloni Reveals, 📖The Shamanic Healing Traditions Of The BLACK MADONNA Are Still Alive Today And As POWERFUL As They Were Millennia Ago🗓…. Alessandra Belloni Is A World- Renowned Percussionist, Singer, And Actress Born In Rome. Voted. One Of Th Best Female Percussionists In THE WORLD By Drum Magazine, She Is The Founder and Lead Performer Of “l Guillarri Di Piazza”, An Italian Music, Theatre, And Dance Ensemble and is an Artist in Residence at The Cathedral Of St. John The Divine In New York City. She Teaches Workshops and Healing Retreats Around The World.”.📘 …. For Ch.1 📖Of “TANTRA”🧘‍♀️ – OSHO👳‍♂️🎙 (S.3Ep.25-26)🎙📖/For Introduction and Preface. Of 📘Healing Journeys Of The Black Madonna💃🏾 (S.3Ep.17)📖🎙 http://www.facebook.com/TheCreoleDiarieshttp://www.twitter.com/Thecreolediaryhttp://www.instagram.com/TheCreoleDiaries 📖🎙 http://www.illuminati.mp/profile/TheJewell 💎 http://www.illuminati.am 🔺️

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