⚜MAGDALENE MYSTERIES💃🏾Feminine Christ🙏- Seren & Azra Bertrand/GRAIL🍷OF SECRET SUN- Lazlo Ferran⚜


⚜HALLOWEEN 👻EDITION🎃VAMPIRES,👿👹 HOLLOW(Hallow)😉EARTH, 🌐 THE HOLY GRAIL🍷 Including Chant🎶 From “Madame Elvira”🎶(Healing Chants And Practices Of The BLACK MADONNA 👑)📖 – Alessandra Belloni 📚/GRAIL (OF THE SECRET SUN – Lazlo Ferran 📚 FROM THE BACK COVER📖: THE HOLE INSIDE THE EARTH🌐 Only The Vampire Priests Understand The BLOOD Moon PROPHECY,📜 “A DROP OF HIS BLOOD💉 FILLS THE CUP🍷 AND BRINGS THE BLOOD MOON DAWN.”🌅 ” …. The Myths of Atlantis📚 and The Holy Grail🍷 as Well As War⚔ and Time Travel,🛸 ALL Get NEW INTERPRETATIONS🤔… In This EPIC ADVENTURE.”📚/🔎📕The MAGDALENE MYSTERIES 🕯The Left Hand Path Of The Feminine Christ 🙏🏼 – Seren and Azra Bertrand, MD.📚 FROM THE BACK COVER:📕 “Much MORE Than Your Mind🧠 is Engaged Here: Your Body🙏🏼 and Soul❤ and Connection to The Womb Of Gaia🤰 And The Great Mother👑 .. BIRTHER OF ALL. 🌏🙏🏼 Stepping into our Loving vital Feminine Power is Profoundly Important to Reclaim Our Embodied Place on Our Mother, Lady GAIA.” – Brooke Medicine Eagle A Sacred Priestess Of the Ancient Womb Rites, Mary MAGDALENE Was The Center Of A GREAT AND ENDURING MYSTERY TRADITION, One That Touched On A Stream Of Perennial Spiritual Wisdom A Old as HUMANITY….” “…As Priestess Of The Goddess, Mary MAGDALENE Knew How to Embody EMBODY THE LIGHT☀️ AND THE DARK,🌚 How To HARNESS The MAGIC POTENCY OF SACRED SEXUAL ENERGY🐉, And How To Cleanse And RESURRECT THE SOUL….”🔥 “…UNVEILING THE LOST LEFT HAND PATH OF THE MAGDALENE, THE FEMININE CHRIST,⚜ Authors Sern And Azra Bertrand, Explore How this UNDERGROUND STREAM OF KNOWLEDGE📚 Has Been CARRIED FORWARD OVER THE MILLENNIA🗓 THROUGH AN UNBROKEN LINEAGE📈 OF WOMB SHAMANS,🧙🏼‍♀️ PRIESTESSES,👸🏾 ORACLES👳‍♀️ AND MEDICINE WOMEN👩‍🌾…”📕 Readings From This Amazing Offering📖…On My Podcast.🔎📖🎙 “I am LOVING THIS BOOK!” 🤗😍📖🎙⚓ Music:🎤🎶 Diana Ross,🎶 Kim Prevost, And Birds Of Prey🎶.📀💃🏾💫 http://www.facebook.com/TheCreoleDiarieshttp://www.instagram.com/thecreole.diarieshttp://www.twitter.com/Thecreolediaryhttp://www.illuminati.am 🔺️ http://www.illuminati.mp/profile/TheJewell 💎

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