⚜THE SMOKEY GOD🔆 – Willis George Emerson📙/AGARTHA🌐Earths Inner HOLLOW🌐WORLD – Mariana Stjerna📘⚜


⚜THE HOLLOW(Hallow🙏🏼) EARTH🌐 THE SMOKEY GOD.🔆 – Willis George Emerson(Part 1 of 2 Episodes)📖🎙 On This Podcast:📖(“Part 2. OLAF JANSEN’S STORY”)📙 This Is The Detailed Account of Olaf Jansen & His TRUE Journey⛵ into The HOLLOW EARTH.🌐 Edited🖋 and Relayed to Us By, Willis George Emerson.📔 Olaf Jansen Is Responsible For Our ONLY TRUE MAP🌏 OF THE INNER EARTH. Which Is A MAP Used In NUMEROUS Websites,💻 And Books.📚 FROM THE BACK COVER:📔 “I FEAR the Seemingly Incredible Story Which I am about to relate will be Regarded as The Result Of A Distorted Intellect Super-induced, Possibly, By the Glamor of UNVEILING A Marvelous MYSTERY, Rather than A TRUTHFUL RECORD Of The UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCES Related By One OLAF JANSEN, Whose Eloquent Madness So Appealed to My Imagination that ALL Thought of an Analytical Criticism Has Been Effectually Dispelled. Marco Polo will DOUBTLESS Shift Uneasily in his grave at the Strange Story I am CALLED UPON TO CHRONICLE, A Story As Strange As A Munchausen Tale.📚 It is ALSO INCONGRUOUS That I, A DISBELIEVER. Should Be THE ONE To Edit The Story Of Olaf Jansen, Whose Name is Given Now, For The FIRST TIME, To The WORLD, Yet Who Must HEREAFTER RANK AS ONE OF THE NOTABLES OF EARTH.📚🗞🌏🌐 I Freely CONFESS His Statements Admit Of NO RATIONAL ANALYSIS, But Have To Do With The Profound Mystery Concerning the FROZEN NORTH That for CENTURIES🗓… Has CLAIMED The ATTENTION OF SCIENTISTS🔬 AND LAYMEN⛵🛶⚓ ALIKE.”📙/Also On This Podcast:📘 AGARTHA🌐The Earth’s INNER WORLD – Mariana Stjerna📚 FROM THE BACK COVER:📘 “…There are Those who Already Visited Agartha, The WORLD INSIDE THE PLANET, And Found SOCIETY There ADVANCED AND FLOURISHING. Admiral Richard E. Byrd, USA(1947) Is One Of Them. HE WAS NOT GIVEN TO “FLIGHTS OF FANCY”. Mariana Stjerna Made Contact with Timothy Brooke, A Canadian, Who Appeared to Her Briefly and then ” DICTATED” This Book. He Was SAVED By Agarthans from a SHIPWRECK⛵ off The COAST OF Canada🌏 in the Mid 20th Century and is NOW ALIVE AND WELL IN AGARTHA,⛵🌐 In This Book, He Recounts His Story📖 and Describes Life in This Five Dimensional Paradise”.🌈🌐📙 BELIEVE IT OR NOT.😉 The TRUE REASON LIGHTWORKERS🕯 FEEL THE ARE NOT FROM THIS DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCY📡… “IS BECAUSE… 📢WE ARE NOT!” 😉 “THERE IS NO PLACE…. LIKE OUR HOME.”🙏🏼👠👠🌈💟🎙👉🏽See Podcast:🎙#S.3.Ep.11📖 FOR PART ONE📖 of Olaf Jansens Story: 📘THE SMOKEY GOD – Willis George Emerson📘 http://www.facebook.com/TheCreoleDiarieshttp://www.instagram.com./frenchcreole.femmefatale 💃🏾 http://www.instagram.com/thecreole.diaries 📖http://www.twitter.com/Thecreolediary ⚜ http://www.illuminati.mp/profile/TheJewell 💎

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