⚜THE SMOKEY GOD🔆 – Willis George Emerson📙/AGARTHA🌏The Earth’s Inner WORLD🌊⛵🌐- Mariana Stjerna📚


⚜THE EARTH IS HOLLOW🌐(Part 2) In This Episode 🎤📙:THE SMOKEY GOD🔆Part 3:📖Olaf Jansens Story – Willis George Emerson📙 / 🔎📘AGARTHA🌏The Earth’s Inner WORLD 🌐 – Mariana Stjerna 📚 A Channeled Story Of “Tim”, Who Resides Inside The Earths Surface🌐 after Being Rescued From A Shipwreck🌊⛵🌐… His Story📖 Tells Of Eminent Destruction to The Earths OUTER SURFACE🌊🌪🌋 and The Rescue of, “THE CHOSEN”, Prior to This Catastrophe.☄. Complete Synopsis Of Both Books📙📘… On My Prior Podcast: (Season 4. Episode 15) Music From: New Order, Miley Cyrus, & Aladdin🎬 Movie Soundtrack🎶; Movie Clip:📽 Journey to the Center of the Earth.🎬

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