⚜ BLACK🖤 FRIDAY:🗓 MY VOCAL🎙 WRATHFUL⚡CHRISTMAS🎄WISH:🙏🏼🌬🎄🎁💫 A Collection Of My Favorites.💟 OVER 4 HOURS🕰 Of…..Quotes,📖 Reads,📚 Music🎶 and TV/Movie Clips 🎬From My Podcast Altar,🙏🏼🎙📖 HONORING ZACHARY TAYLOR🥀 My Ancestor,💀Born:🎂 11/24/1784.🌹MURDERED☠ IN THE WHITE HOUSE:🏛 07/09/1850☠But…”SPIRITS…HAVE LONG MEMORIES.”🧠👻 VOODOO BY DEFINITION:📖📚 💀”REVERING THE ANCESTORS AND SERVING THE SPIRITS….”💀 EACH AND EVERYDAY.🙏🏼🗓 Readings From 2 Books…(BRINGERS OF THE DAWN📔 & VOODOO QUEEN📘)… That Became “MY BIBLES”📖 As I Completed The Work, Inspired By My Ancestors🙏🏼💀… FAR AWAY FROM SOCIETY🧘‍♀️(No Phones,☎️📞📲 Electricity, 💡 Running Water, 🚿Televisions,📺 Or Computers🖥)… IN THE MISTY MOUNTAINS OF MONTANA🏞… FOR OVER 3 YEARS🗓.. 🎶”Can’t Stop The Spirits When They Need You… This Life Is MORE THAN JUST A READ THRU”.📑🎶 – 🎤RedHot Chili Peppers 🌶 THE ANCESTORS ARE CALLING💀☎️📞… 📢”ANSWER THE PHONE.”📲🔊🔊 26 MUSIC SELECTIONS📀 INCLUDING:🎶 🎤CIARA📀; TOOL📀; KILLER MIKE📀; PRETTY DEEP📀; LEROUX(New Orleans Original)📀; MILEY CYRUS📀; PUSCIFER(Maynard James Keenan)📀; BEA MILLER📀; MARYLIN MANSON📀; ALEXINA📀; HAEL📀; MADELINE DUKE📀; 🎬THE VIKINGS THEME🛡🤺- Supersonic Temple📀; CAT PIERCE📀; BOB MARLEY 📀; BIRDS OF PREY📀; MERCI RAINES📀; EVERYBODY LOVES AN OUTLAW📀; LOGIC📀; TRIBAL SEEDS📀; ASIA📀; MIGHTY MYSTIC📀; RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE📀; AND… RUN THE ‘JEWELS’📀💎😉🎙🎶 Clips from🎬 (S1.Ep.8) Bringers of the Dawn – Barbara Marciniak📚🖊/🎬(S3Ep.4) Voodoo Queen: Chapter 5. “Color Schemes & Protection Policies” – Martha Ward📚🖊

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