⚜THE HOLLOW EARTH🌐THE SMOKEY GOD🔆 -Willis George Emerson📙/🔎📘MISSION SPACE🛸 – Mariana Stjerna📚


⚜THE HOLLOW🌐(Hallowed🙏)EARTH SERIES.🌏 Continuing The TRUE STORY 📖 Of Olaf Jansen, Who Visited Thd INNER EARTH With His Father in the Late 1800’s. 📙 ALSO … Discovering Another Book By Mariana Stjerna, The Writer Of, 📘AGARTHA🌏 EARTHS INNER WORLD🌐Which is An Amazing Book I have been Sharing on My HOLLOW EARTH SERIES📖🎙IN THIS PODCAST🎙🔎THE SMOKEY GOD🔆(Part 4 & 5)📖 – Willis George Emerson 📙 FROM THE BACK COVER: 📒 “I Fear The Seemingly Incredible Story Which I Am About To Will Be Regarded As The Result of A Distorted Intelligent Superinduced, Possibly, By The Glamour Of Unveiling A Marvelous Mystery, Rather Than A TRUTHFUL RECORD Of The Unparalleled Experiences Related By One Olaf Jansen, Who Eloquent Madness So Appealed To My Imagination That All Thought Of An Analytical Criticism Has Been Effectually Dispelled. Marco Polo Will Doubtless Shift Uneasily In His Grave At The Strange Story I am Called Upon To Chronicle, A Story As Strange As A Munchausen Tale. It Is Also Incongruous That I, A Disbeliever, Should Be Thd One to Edit The Tale Of OLAF JANSEN, ✒📑👓… Whose Name Is Now For The First Time Given To The WORLD.🌏 Yet, Who MUST Hereafter, Tank As One 0f The NOTABLES OF EARTH.🌏📚 I Freely Confess His Statements Admit Of No Rationalize Analysis, But Have To Do With The Profound Mystery Concerning The Frozen North That For Centuries Has Claimed The Attention Of Scientists And Laymen Alike.” 📙 / 🔎📙MISSION SPACE📖 – Mariana Stjerna 📚 FROM THE BACK COVER:📘 “Mariana’s Well-Recieved Book, Agartha – The EARTH’S INNER WORLD, Had Been RELEASED(2010) When She Had A Visitation From Her Cosmic Friend And Source And Inspiration, Jan Fridegard, Who Told Her He Too, Had Been To AGARTHA,🌐 He Gave An Account Of An Account Of His Experiences There In The Company Of His Dear Friend And Companion Lydia, Whom We’ve Met In A Couple previous books.📚 They Had Also Been On Exciting Adventures Out In Space🛸 To The Pleiades,🌟 Sirius B,🌟 & Andromeda🪐 Did Mariana Wish To Be His Writing Medium Again?✒📖 OF COURSE!🤗….”📘 Mariana Stjerna Is A Highly Respected Swedish Channel And Author. Psychic Since Childhood, She Has Written Spiritual Books For Adults And Children.✒📚Music From: The Celts,🎻 Avril Lavigne,🎶 Richie Spice,🥁 Train,🚇 And Manheim Steamroller🚄📀🎶💃🏿 And Clips✂️ From🎬 “The ORIGINALS”⚜ Season 4: The HOLLOW🌀 http://www.facebook.com/TheCreoleDiarieshttp://www.instagram.com/thecreole.diaries 📚 http://www.instagram.com/thecreolediarieshttp://www.twitter.com/Thecreolediary 📖🎙 http://www.illuminati.mp/profile/TheJewell 💎

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