👑THE GODDESS SERIES 📖🎙” THE PELICAN 🦆BRIEF” 💼📑A Podcast That Was Recorded in Late October, Includes A Reading From: 👑🀄THE ISIS ORACLE CARD DECK.🎴FROM THE BACK COVER:👑 “I Have Loved You Since Ancient Times, Dear Child Of Light, Initiate Of The Soul Path. I HONOR Your Light And Seek To Serve Your Growth. Even Through Darkest Challenge, I am There With You, Urging You To Seek The Light Through The Darkness And REALIZE That You Will Always Triumph With Love in Your Heart. I HONOR Your Service To The Path That I Serve, THE PATH OF ANCIENT FEMININE POWER♀️, The Path Of Healing , Love And The Mysteries Of Life, Death, And REBIRTH. POWER TO YOU,👊 BELOVED INITIATE, 🙏LOVE TO YOU.💓 WHAT JOY THERE IS IN MEETING YOU AGAIN IN THIS LIFETIME.💃 Your Sister Priestess In Light And Love, ISIS”.👑🥀/ 📕 WOMAN IN RED,👠 MAGDALENE SPEAKS.👄 – Krishna Rose 🌹 FROM THE BACK COVER:📕” In An Enthralling Saga, MARY MAGDALENE, The MOST MISUNDERSTOOD WOMAN IN HISTORY, RETURNS🎙👩‍🎤…. STRONG AND TRUE,📖 AS THE IRRESISTIBLE VOICE OF THE BANISHED FEMININE DIVINE.💃🏿🎭 Holding An Intriguing Legacy In Her Hands,📜 SHE UNVEILS The Scandalous SECRETS,🤫 PROPHECIES📖 AND CONFIDENTIAL Teachings Of Jesus.📜 Using The Profound Language Of The Soul, To Construct In The Reader, THE ESSENCE Of DIVINE State,🙇‍♀️ This Book Could Be Called PURE ALCHEMY🏆, From Beginning🔎📖… To End📕…. After 25 Years Of Research, This Could Be The Most Authentic Portrayal Recounting ACCURATE DETAILS Of What Happened Next—- AFTER THE CRUCIFIXION.✝️ Finally, The SPURNED WOMAN🥀 Of Ancient Times,📜 Speaks Truth👄 From Beyond The Grave.💀⚰ PROPHECY SPOKE OF 2 MESSIAH’S✌🏽— JESUS…. WAS THE FIRST.”📕🎙 With Movie Clips:🎬 Silent Hill,📽 Gabriel📽 And Merlins Apprentice🎬 And Music🎶 From Damian Marley📀, Miley Cyrus📀, A Perfect Circle📀, Seal📀, Ava Max📀, Janet Jackson📀, Tangerine Dream 🍊(LEGEND MOVIE SOUNDTRACK📀)

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Published by Sophie NeVeau

☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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