⚜GAIA NETWORK🌐 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS🗿EPISODE 1.🎬 🎧 NEW UNDERSTANDINGS OF THE GREAT PYRAMIDS⛰ “Explore: 🧩How Nicola Tesla KNEW Of the Power of PYRAMIDS & Their Sacred Forms, & Made Use of Their Geometry Through Geography To Generate Electricity.🔮🧩How Researchers Point to A Connection Between the Primal Tones of The Universe & The Creation of FORM In The Physical World.🔮 🧩Historians Tell Of The Death Of Enki(Osiris) And Of The Great Pyramid Built To Access Powerful Universal Forces For His RESURRECTION As Horus.🔮 🧩How Academics Point To The Secret Geometry Of The Great Pyramid To Unlock The Code Of Universal Constants.” FEATURING, Some Of THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY MINDS OF OUR TIME: 🎙Jack Cary, 🎙Billy Carson, 🎙 Graham Hancock, 🎙Anton Parks,🎙Robert Schoch, 🎙Andrew Collins, 🎙Robert Bauval.🎧 EPISODE 2.🎬🎧 DECODING THE SPHINX🧮: “The Great SPHINX Of Giza, The OLDEST KNOWN MONUMENT From The Ancient Egyptian World, Stands As A Symbol of The Arcane Mysteries Still Waiting To Be UnEarthed. Could The Truth About Our Past, And Enki’s Knowledge Given To Humanity, Be Locked in An Ancient Chamber Situated Below The Great Beast’s Paw?” 🧩”Decode The TRUE AGE Of The SPHINX – Scientists Study Erosion Patterns Along The Body Of The SPHINX To Uncover Startling Evidence About When The SPHINX Was Originally Created.🔮 🧩Astrological Alignment – Researchers Turn Back The Clock On The Night Sky To Discover The Layout Of The Giza Plateau Mirrors The Cosmos🌌🔮 🧩Secret Knowledge HIDDEN Underneath – Experts From Multiple Fields Agree That The HIDDEN Chamber Still Awaits Discovery Beneath The Paws SPHINX.” (Or MAYBE HAS ALREADY BEEN EXAMINED BY SECRET GOVERNMENT🤫)😉 This Episode Features:🎙Robert Schoch,🎙Andrew Collins,🎙Greg Braden, 🎙Freddy Silva,🎙Jonathan Young,🎙Robert Bauval,🎙Michael Cremo,🎙Jack Cary,🎙Graham Cere, &🎙Sonja Grace. 🎬Watch The Entire Series of ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS🗿🌋⛰On The GAIA NETWORK:🎬 http://www.gaia.com 🌐Music 🎶From:🧩ENIGMA,📀 ENYA,📀 ASIA,📀 NEW ORDER,📀 & THE ALADDIN SOUNDTRACK.📀

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