🌐GAIA SERIES🎬Ep.3:Interstellar Links To Gobekli Tepe🗿/Ep.4:Sumerian Kings List📜&Annunaki OATHS🤚


⚜REMEMBERING THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS OF MARCH 1, 1692⚘🙏🧙‍♀️🧙‍♂️🌐THE CREOLE DIARIES📖🖊🎙🌏GAIA SERIES📡 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS(PT.2)🗿Continues With Episodes 3 & 4🎙Ep.3🎬 INTERSTELLAR LINKS TO GOBEKLI TEPI🗿”Was Gobekli Tepi Built As A Sacred Interstellar Portal Connecting The People Of Earth With EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL CIVILIZATIONS?👽 Our Team Of Researchers Explain That Gobekli Tepi Is Aligned W/The Cygnus Constellation and Constructed In Harmonic Resonance With The Periodic Signals Beaming From One Of The Constellation’s Stars.”🌟 /Episode 4:👽SUMERIAN KINGS LIST🗿📜 AND ANNUNAKI OATHS🤚”Found In The Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets, The Ancient Sumerian Kings List Suggests that Humanity is Over 266,000 Years Old, With Rulers Spanning Over Thousands Of Years. If These Annunaki Kings Were Human, Is It Possible We Evolve To Live Extended Lifespans?” 🎬🗿http://www.gaia.com 🌐Also Includes Clips From: 📽The Vampire Diaries, And 🎬 The SKELETON KEY💀 🔑/📢MUSIC Includes: Aaliyah📀, DAX📀, Diana Ross 📀, Darude📀,Vivaldi 📀, Grandson📀, Earl📀, And Exit Calm📀.

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