🌏GAIA SERIES🌐ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS(PT3)⚱Ep.5🎬 Discovering Yr. Gifts/Ep.6🗿Geometry⚛ of Stonehenge


🌐GAIA SERIES🎬 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS🗿THE LOST KNOWLEDGE📜 (Part 3): Ep.5🎬 Discovering Your Gifts🎁 “Are You Looking For More Purpose and Direction in Your Life? Learn From Those Who Have Found Meaning in Adversity, Financial Loss, Broken Relationships, and Grief, And Managed To Bounce Back. Discover The Power Of Going Within To Redefine What’s Truly Important To You, And How To Change Your Life By Uncovering Your True Gifts And Sharing Them With The World.”/🌐ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS🎬:S2.Ep.6 ⚛Hyperdimensional Geometry of Stonehenge🗿: The Purpose And Complexity Of Stonehenge Continues To Baffle Researchers. Could It Be A SACRED COSMIC CALCULATOR Or An ANCIENT PORTAL Still Active Today? Examine The Planetary Codes And Anomalous Features Of This Site, INCLUDING Its Ability To Regulate Frequencies, As Experts Investigate One Of The ‘GREATEST MYSTERIES Of OUR TIME’.”📜⌛Featuring Some Of The Brightest Minds🧠…. Of Our Time.🗓 Including:🎙Andrew Collins, Maria Wheatley, Jonathan Young, Jack Cary. Sean Stone, Freddy Silva, Billy Carson, David Icke. Sonja Grace, Graham Cere.🌐 For A Full Description Of ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS THE LOST KNOWLEDGE📜, See Podcast Season 5, Episode 3.🎙CHECK OUT THE GAIA NETWORK AT: http://www.gaia.com 🌐”The NETFLIX FOR ENLIGHTENMENT.”💡 ⚛This Episode Also Features:🎙Sonia Ricotti, Mike Sherabakov, Michael Beckwith, Turia Pitt, Sadvhi Bhagawatiji, Kristina Karlsson, Dawson Church, Bradley Nelson, and Jennifer Partridge. 🎧Music:🎶Calvin Harris Featuring/ HAIM📀, Ellie Goulding📀, Eminem📀, Marylin Manson📀, Britney Spears📀, 🎻Lindsey Stirling📀, & 💉Theatres Des Vampires,📀🩸 Cinema Clips:🎬 Vampire Diaries💉, The ORIGINALS💉, And 🎬Queen Of The Damned.💉💀👑

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