⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES📖🎙 🎩💀”PARANORMAL NEW ORLEANS”👻 FESTIVITIES🎆🎈🎺🎶💃🏾… Help To Celebrate My Sixth Season Finale.🎈🎉🎬 “SUPERNATURAL🐍GHOSTLY HI-JINX”👻 CONTINUES INTO ST. JOHN’S DAY(6/24)🗓 WITH A “WITCHY WOO”🎃 MUSICAL🎶📯🎶🎺💃 DURING “MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S EVE”.⚜ THE ALL NIGHT PARTIES THE VOODOOS HELD AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, ARE “INFAMOUS”,📰🗞 HISTORICAL EVENTS. 📚THE CELEBRATIONS MARIE LAVEAU, FIRST,💃🏾 SECOND💃🏾 AND THE VOODOOS HELD AT LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN,🏞 IN NEW ORLEANS📯 ARE THE ROOTS, Of “Jazzfest” & GAVE RISE TO TODAYS WORLD RENOWNED,🗞📰”JAZZ AND HERITAGE FESTIVALS”📯🎶🎼HELD EVERY YEAR AT THE NEW ORLEANS FAIRGROUNDS🎊🎉…. (Ref.📔 VOODOO QUEEN:💃The Spirited Lives Of Marie Laveau – Martha Ward🖋📚) ⚜Remembering My “CREOLE ROOTS”💀🩸, At A Most Sacred Time Of Year, 🎩St. JOHN’S EVE, 6/23,🙏 1 of 2 MOST SACRED DAYS,🙏 In The Voodooian Culture🙇‍♀️(…& My Mommy’s Birthday🥀🥰)/With A Special Dedication To:🙏 JULIA BROWN,💃🏾 “THE DEATH PREDICTING VOODOO PRIESTESS FROM, FRENIER LA.”, Whose PREDICTIONS AND TRUE STORIES OF DESTRUCTION🌫🌬🌊🌀⚡🌪⛈🌀📰…STILL FRIGHTEN LOCALS SO MUCH,🗞😬 THAT HER STORY WAS BASICALLY UNHEARD OF FOR 100 YRS.🗓👻😳🥺😱 Readings From:📚 👻Poems, BEWITCHED & HAUNTED🎃 – Every Mans Library Pocket Books 📔/ VOODOO QUEEN:📘 The Spirited Lives Of MARIE LAVEAU💃 Highlights from Ch.10:📖 “How John,🎩 The Devil,😈 and Mam’zelle Marie💃🏾, Hoodooed The Media 📰(A Chapter That Gives Highlights Of These Yearly…🤨”Eye-Raising”🤫 Festivals🤭☺)🗞 – Martha Ward📚 /SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS, The ORISHAS🙇‍♀️ – Monique Joiner Seidlak📚/ Documentaries & Entertainment Clips:🎬 Paranoid Times👽(SubscribeOnYouTube) 📽Southern Gothic💀🎩 (SubscribeOnYouTube)📽, American Supernatural👻 – The Weather Channel🌊(Subscribe On YouTube)📽, 👸Princess & The Frog,🐸 Movie🎬, The Twilight Zone👽, Vampire Diaries🩸, The Originals⚜, Merlin’s Apprentice🧙‍♀️, The Witches.🧙‍♀️ 🎶Music:🎼🎺 Chasing DaVinci📀, Icona Pop📀, James Warburton📀, Miley Cyrus📀, Sonia Leigh & Daphne Mills📀, Leroux📀, 📀Kim Prevost, KingDavid📀, Merci Raines📀, Zoe Wees📀, DepecheMode📀, The Animals📀, Rosie & The Riveters📀. Harley Quinn Movie Soundtrack🎬, J2POP(Featuring Colleen McMarton)📀 Madeleine Duke📀. Gina & Eastern Block📀, Everybody Loves An Outlaw📀, Vikings Theme📀, Marylin Manson📀, Kat Meowz📀, Last Nights RIOT📀, Cat Pierce📀, Willa Mae📀, Tones and I 📀, Nina Simone📀, Lilly Rose📀, Little BIG TOWN📀. *All Clips Used on This Podcast & All Others, are for Entertainment Purposes ONLY. THIS IS AN ONLINE DIARY📖🎙 & DEVOTIONAL ALTAR🙏🙇‍♀️HONORING MY ANCESTORS, 🎩💀”THE WITCHES OF THE NEW ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER.”⚜ NOT RECORDED FOR PROFIT PURPOSES.💰🚫 ⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES📖🎙 http://www.linktr.ee/SophieNeveau 💃🏾 — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/support


Published by Sophie NeVeau

☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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