⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES 📖🎙 GAIA AMBASSADOR🌐 SUMMIT EDUCATIONAL “SERIES 8″📚 BEGINS WITH, 🌐THE GAIA SERIES,🎬 OPEN MINDS,🧠 & W/ THE BACKGROUND OF A FAVORITE, ENDEARING MOVIE, THE COMING OF AGE, “WITCHY STORY” OF, 🎬 🥀”BEAUTIFUL CREATURES”🌹(Starring Viola Davis, Emma Thompson & Jeremy Irons)🎬, IN HONOR OF “THE WITCHING HOUR”,⌛ 10/10,⏰ AS WELL AS REMEMBERING MY FAVORITE PARANORMAL AUTHOR,👻 ANNE RICE,⚘(Author Of The Mayfair Witch Chronicles)📚🖊 ON HER BIRTHDAY, 🎂10/4🎊 / 🌐GAIA🌐 ⚜IN THE 2ND HALF🕞 Of This 7 1/2 Hour Episode:(See below for Complete Listening Guide)🔍🎙OPEN MINDS🧠 W/REGINA MEREDITH🎙 (S.20.Ep.2) Her Guest, Author of Book, 📔”Best Kept Secret👽…Of The Trinity Bomb”💣🛸, Jacques Vallee, and Investigative Reporter, Paola Harris. 🎬 Synopsis: “The Legendary Ufologer, Jacques Vallee Joins Investigative Journalist, Paola Harris For A Rare Interview To Reveal The Story Behind The 1945 Trinity Atomic Bomb 💣 Test In New Mexico, The Test that Gave Us The FAMOUS WORDS, Quoted By Oppenheimer, from The Ancient Hindu Text, 📜”I AM BECOME DEATH,💀 THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS.”🌏☄📜 Vallee, Who was The Inspiration Behind, 🎬CLOSE ENCOUNTERS🛸 OF THE THIRD KIND,👽 Co-Authored The GROUNDBREAKING Book, “TRINITY – The Best-Kept Secret”📔, With Harris. Together, They Share Insights From Their BOOK And The MYSTERIOUS UFO And ET Sightings That Followed The Trinity Incident.” Original Airdate of Episode: 9/23/2021 On GAIA🌐/ 📰GAIA NEWS🗞 🛸”UFO Disclosure Update”👽🎬/Also Includes Clips From:📰GAIA NEWS🗞 🎬”Latest Science On Channeling”📡/📰GAIA NEWS🗞 “Tuning Your Circadian Clock.”⏱/ 🌐THE GAIA NETWORK: Sign Up For A Free Trial Today: http://www.gaia.com/invite/join?rfd=yK8bQQ / 💞REMEMBERING FAVORITE PARANORMAL AUTHOR, ANNE RICE📚, ON HER BIRTHDAY🎂🎊 10/4,🌹 AS WELL AS THE OFFICIAL, “WITCHING HOUR” 10/10⏰😉…WITH A REAL WITCHY STORY🧙‍♀️📖 FROM, “THE WITCHES CLOCK⏰ IN CALLE DELLA TOLLETA ST. IN VENICE.”👻/ 🕯HIGHLIGHTS From A 6 Day Summit:🧘‍♀️”BIRTHING IN NEW EARTH”,🌏 http://www.birthinginnewearth.com 🌸W/ Creator And Host, Samantha Briatico, Opening Words and Meditation🙇‍♀️ & A Dedication To:🙏 The Black Madonna🌹 With Ana Otero, Creator of Of The Mary Magdalene Mystery School.⚜ http://www.anaotero.com💞/ A Reading From Ancient Script:🔎📜12 FIBONACCI GODDESSES & 12 PYRAMIDS OF THOTH⛰ http://www.crystalinks.com /NEWS Clips From:🗞 “FOX NEWS”🦊🎙 & “THE HILL”🏛👩‍🎤 NEWS NETWORKS.🎬, NPR NETWORK🎙/Entertainment Clips: Push, The Movie, Beautiful Creatures/ Music:🎶 Depeche Mode,📀 Volbeat,📀 Bourne Identity Movie Soundtrack🎬, Sneaker Pimps,📀Princess👸 and the Frog 🐸 Movie Soundtrack, 📀 Studio 54 Movie Soundtrack, 📀 Sonique,📀 Will Smith,📀Deborah Cox,📀 September,📀 Madonna,📀 Cher,📀 Dolly Parton,📀 Jesus Jones. 📀🔎 LISTENING GUIDE:👂 1ST 60 MIN:⌛ 🛸UFO HIGHLIGHTS FROM GAIA🌐 HOUR 1 & 2:⌛ BIRTHING IN A NEW EARTH OPENING MEDITATION W/SAMANTHA BRIATICO & A READING FROM THE ANCIENT SCRIPT, 📜”12 FIBONACCI GODDESSES” & “12 PYRAMID OF THOTH”📜 HOUR 3 & 4 :⌛ “THE WITCHING HOUR”⏰, 🌐GAIA NEWS🗞, 🌐OPEN MINDS🧠 W/REGINA MEREDITH🎙👽 🛸 & THE HILL/FOX NEWS:🗞 ⌛HOUR 5:30 TO 7:30:⌛BIRTHING IN NEW EARTH WITH ANA OTERO/BLACK MADONNA DEDICATION & SAMANTHA BRIATICO W/CLOSING MEDITATION.🧘‍♀️🔍 ⚜➡️Find Me At: ⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES 📖🎙http://www.linktr.ee/SophieNeveau ⚜ — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/support


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☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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