⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES 📖🎙 My G-8 Series Continues W/THE GAIA NETWORK SERIES🎬 DISCLOSURE W/HOST BILLY CARSON & INITIATION👽 W/MATAIS DE STEFANO🎙A PODCAST DEDICATION TO THE CHILDREN OF FATIMA AND ANDY WHITFIELD🎂(10/17/71-09/11/2011) ⚘OF THE MOVIE “GABRIEL”. This Podcast Also Includes Clips From Ana Otero Of The Mary Magdalene Mystery School, on A Talk Of, “WHO is Mary Magdalene?”⚜/🌐GAIA NETWORK SERIES 🎬 DISCLOSURE (S.1.EP.10) W/STEPHEN GREER🎙”THE DELTA OF CHANGE” Synopsis: “In The Final Episode of a 10 Part Special DISCLOSURE SERIES, Dr. Stephen Greer Expands On The Necessity To Reach A Lasting Peace In Order For Higher Beings To Help Connect Humanity To Our Latent Potential In The Cosmos”.🌐https://www.gaia.com/invite/join?rfd=yK8bQQ /🌐GAIA NETWORK SERIES 🎬 INITIATION🌐 W/MATAIS DE STEFANO(S.2.EP.4)🎙(FOUR FOUNDATIONS FOR HUMANITY) Synopsis: Throughout The Eons, Several Advanced Beings Have Visited Earth, But for the past ROUGHLY 1,000,000 Years, Four Specific Races Have been Major Influences On Planet Earth. To Guide Humans To Advanced Stages of Progress & Spiritual Evolution. These 4 Main Species Took Up Residence In The Major Portals Of The Earth To Influence The Planetary Elements, Directions & States Of Human Consciousness. Matias De Stefano Shares His Memories Of The These 4 FOUNDATIONS Of Humanity that We Now Call… Mu, The Annunaki, Giants, & Reptilians. Some Were Loving, and Benevolent; & Others Used “Fear & Frustration” as The Energy & Impetus To Help Propel Human Evolution To A More Advanced State.”🎬 http://www.gaia.com/invite/join?rfd=yK8bQQ 🌐GAIA NETWORK SERIES🎬 INITIATION W/MATAIS DE STEFANO🎙 (S.4.EP.1)👽 ARCHITECTS OF THE 6TH DIMENSION🛸 Synopsis: “In The First Episode Of His 4th Season Of Initiation, Matais De Stefano Explains How The Central Light And Core Consciousness Of Our Universe Projects Through 12 Main Rays Of Light That Function As Architects Of Reality. These Architects From The Sixth Dimension, Who Have Been Known As Archangels Through The Ages Project Conscious Holograms Into Our 3rd Dimension. This Creates Matter In Tge Physical Realms Through Atomic Reactions And The Power Of ETHER, Or As Matais De Stefano Calls It, The Vibrations Of Love.”💞 THE GAIA NETWORK🌐 Sign Up For A FREE Trial Membership On http://www.gaia.com/invite/join?rfd=yK8bQQ 🌐/🔎📖A Reading 🌟 INVOKING YOUR CELESTIAL GUARDIANS🕊- SOLARA📚 http://www.nvisible.com 🌟/📜NOSTRADAMUS EFFECT: THE CHILDREN OF FATIMA AND THE 3 SECRETS OF PROPHECY.📜 – 🌏The History Channel📚 Subscribe On YouTube.📲/ “WHO IS MARY MAGDALENE” – Ana Otero, Creator Of, The Mary Magdalene Mystery School.📜 http://www.anaotero.com 💞/👑 ISIS ORACLE CARD DECK🎴 – Alana Fairchild🎨🖌 A Reading🔎🀄/Also Includes Clips From, Alan Watts & Jim Carrey, Discussing, “The Ego”🎙/ 📰Kim Iverson Reports From Todays Headlines.🎙 – THE HILL🗞 Subscribe On YouTube📲/🎬 Movies & TV. Entertainment Clips:📽 Merlin’s Apprentice, Election, Gabriel w/Andy Whitfield⚘, Prophecy, Pompeii, Push, Wonder Woman, The Vampire Diaries, Legion, V-WARS, The Twilight Zone⚛/🎶Music From:🎶 Legend Movie Soundtrack, Ultra Music Festival, Eminem, Princess And The Frog Movie Soundtrack, Damian Marley, Swedish House Mafia, Volbeat, Disturbed, Chasing DaVinci, Immortal Technique, New Order, Train, Miley Cyrus, David Guetta, Richie Spice, Soundgarden, Darude, Depeche Mode, Stigmata Movie Soundtrack, Europe, Jesus Jones.📀 /👂Listening Guide:🌟 1 HOUR 1/2 🕯LIGHTWORKER DEDICATION For CHILDREN OF FATIMA & ANDY WHITFIELD⚘/ 🌟1hr 1/2 – 3hr, Continued DEDICATION To Mary Magdalene And The Children Of Fatima☄/ 🌟 HOUR 3 – 5🌐GAIA 8 SUMMIT SERIES CONTINUES WITH INITIATION & Host, Matais DeStefano & DISCLOSURE With Stephen Greer 🌐./ 🌟CONCLUSION With Alan Watts, & A Reading From, 👑The ISIS ORACLE CARD DECK🎴 & Highlights From: 📰Todays Headlines.🗞 🌐⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES 📖🎙 http://www.linktr.ee/SophieNeveau ⚜ — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/support


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☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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