⚜DEDICATIONS FROM MY ALTAR🙇‍♀️SUMMER SOLSTICE 2021🌞 “MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S EPISODE”🎬 A DEDICATION TO:🙏 “THE WITCHES OF THE NEW ORLEANS FRENCH QUARTER.”⚜ The Celebrations On St John’s Eve, 🎊🎉🗓June 23rd(My Mommys B-Day🎂😉) At Lake Pontchartrain🎆 In New Orleans, Are LEGENDARY.📚 The Spirit Of Voodoo, My Ancestors, And “The Death Predicting Voodoo Priestess” 💃JULIA BROWN🧙‍♀️ Help Me To Celebrate My Mother’s Birthday,🎂 Father’s Day 2021🗓 As Well As, Give A Celebratory DEDICATION To My Ancestors,💀”The Witches Of The New Orleans French Quarter.”⚜ This Podcast Episode Includes, A Reading From:🔎VOODOO QUEEN:📙The Spirited Lives Of Marie Laveau – Martha Ward📚🖋 Chapter 10:📖 “How, John,🎩 The Devil,😈 And Mam’zelle Marie💃…Hoodooed The Media”.💋📰🗞👠(Originally Published: Season 3.Ep.24🎙)/🔎Also A Reading From:📙 Seven African Powers, The Orishas – Monique Joiner Seidler📚🖊/📕Talking To Goddess👑(A Collection Of Goddess Poetry📑) – D’Vorah J. Green, Editor📝 http://www.lilithinstitute.com 📕/📙Fellowship Of ISIS Compendium (Forward by Olivia Robertson) – Fellowship Of Isis📚🖋 http://www.fellowshipofisis.com 👑🙏/ 📙CHARIOTS OF THE GODS🛸(1968,👽My Birth Year😉) – Eric Von Daniken📚🖋/🎺🎼Music From:🎶👸Princess And The Frog🐸 Movie Soundtrack🎺🎬, Miley Cyrus📀, Kat Meowz📀, Sugar House📀, Anna Mae📀, Earl📀, Chantel Claret📀, Merci Raines📀, Moulin Rouge Soundtrack🎬👠, KingDavid📀, Leroux. Kim Prevost📀, Depeche Mode📀, Hael. Amy Stroud📀, Icona Pop📀, Pretty Deep📀, Gossling📀, Kita Klane📀, Tramaine Hawkins📀, James Warburton📀🎶. 📽Documentary And Entertainment Clips From:🎬 The Twilight Zone🌌, American Supernatural:🌊The Weather Channel🌀(Subscribe On YouTube), Vampire Diaries💉, Beautiful Creatures🌹, The Originals⚜, Paranoid Times👽(Subscribe On YouTube), Poetic Heretic🎩(Subscribe On YouTube), Southern Gothic🧟‍♀️(Subscribe On YouTube).🎬 All Clips Used Are For Artistic Purposes Only.🎨🖌 THIS PODCAST IS NOT FOR PROFIT PURPOSES.💰🚫 (Message Me For Links) ⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES📖🎙http://www.linktr.ee/SopieNeveau 🩰⚜ — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/support


Published by Sophie NeVeau

☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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