⚜”MARY MAGDALENE WAS A BLACK WOMAN” – GOTT.✒📚 MY GODDESS “SERIES 7” PART 3. COMES TO A CRESCENDO🎻🎶 WITH A COLLECTIVE MUSICAL DEDICATION FOR MARY MAGDALENE ON HER FEASTDAY🍷 (7/22), FROM SOME FAVORITE BOOKS📚 AND A “VIDEO PODCAST”🎬 SHARE FROM AUTHOR, ROBERT SEPEHR. AS HE EXPLORES THE “SACRED SERPENT BLOODLINE”🐍🩸OF MARY MAGDALENE AND YESHUA📚 (JESUS), AS WELL AS AUTHOR. GOTT, AS SHE LEADS WITH BOLD STATEMENT, “MARY MAGDALENE WAS A BLACK WOMAN”…. Author Gott, Goes On To Explain, WHY There Are, SO MANY BLACK MADONNAS IN PARIS AS WELL AS OTHER LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD.🌏BOOKS:📚 🔎Embracing Lilith🖤 – Mark H. Williams📕 http://www.circulos-matrem.com ⚜ For A Synopsis, See Podcast:🎙Goddess Series👑 Ep.1 (Date: 12/22)/🔎Twenty First Century Grail🍷 – Andrew Collins📙 http://www.andrewcollins.com 📚 For More Information On This Book, See Podcast:🎙(S.2.Ep.7 & S.3.Ep.9)/🔎Mary Magdalene & The Black Madonna – Gott📘http://www.nazareneway.com /🔎 St. Mary Magdalene – Tao Malachi📕http://www.sophian.org /🔎ISIS MAGIC📕 – Isidora Forrest📘 http://www.isiopolos.com /EDUCATIONAL CLIPS:🎬The Fall Of Lucifer – Robert Sepehr(Author)📲 Subscribe To Him On YouTube.com For More Videos.📽His 2 Sites Are, “Robert Sepehr” and “Atlantean Gardens”.💻/ 🎬 Forgotten Idols Of Wood(Parts 1 & 2)🗿 – Paranoid Times👽Subscribe On YouTube for More Videos📽/Entertainment Clip:🎬 Vampire Diaries🩸/ Music:🎶Princess And The Frog 🐸 Movie Soundtrack, Perfect Circle, America, James Warburton, Sneaker Pimps, Bourne Identity Soundtrack, Robbie Nevil, Stigmata Movie Soundtrack, EnVogue, The Cult, The Black Crows, Chasing DaVinci, Anna Mae, Depeche Mode, Tina Turner, Irene Cara, Jane Child, CULT Of Personality, John Parr, Lindsey Stirling. ⚜THE CREOLE DIARIES📖🎙 http://www.linktr.ee/SophieNeveau — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thecreolediaries/support


Published by Sophie NeVeau

☥"I Am The One Who Is Supposed To REMAIN Hidden, For I Am.... The Child Of Prophecy".☥

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